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Purcella and Spiff at 5 points
Few artists have such a raw blend of intellect, brutal political consciousness, and sweet sex appeal as Purcella. Famous for the mystical, and sometimes erotic, lullabies, Her fans love being haunted and intrigued.

Early Inspirations

She’s a lifelong fan of hip-hop who grew up on Eminem, Jay-Z, and early 2000’s pop– influences which show themselves in her catchy, Max Martin-esque hooks, but are surrounded by layered intellectual messages instead of tales about boy troubles.

The New Keynote in Pop

Very rarely does hip-hop present us with a female artist who can’t be put in a box and doesn’t make compromises in terms of assertiveness. Her producer her has nicknamed her “The Princess of Pop.” And The Princess has surely arrived.

Purcella’s debut single “#Sayitwithsomelipstick” is available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, and everywhere else.


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Stay tuned for more music from Purcella! If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy yet, be sure to pick up the single: “#sayitwithsomelipstick” from Itunes.

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