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Š Recently, I talked about my song “Ice Cream” – Purcella, Prod. By THookz. The recording of the song was really spontaneous. It started as a session with no plan as to how it will go. We ended up creating a beat that was a spin off of the ice cream truck song. 4:00 am at the Studio It was 4am when the last hook was mixed down on top of the beat (we started
City in the Czech Republic

Off to the Czech

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Getting to the Czech “There are no short cuts to any place worth going.” About 4 weeks ago I planned a trip to go to the Czech Republic for business and to shoot this music video for mine and THook’z song, “Ice Cream.”  If you want to check more of THook’z music out, you can visit his site HERE. I didn’t know that Czechia (short form of Czech Republic) would be as beautiful and alluring as
Yamaha Piano

Different takes at life

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Business logic #1 “All Sides Make Up The Whole of Them” Steps to Achievement Taking it one step at a time.  Taking two steps at a time. Both are walking. What matters the most is the pace. The pace at which the feet move is what is crucial. Keep moving no matter the situation. It’s time to keep going.  Time to keep achieving more greatness. The amount of love will be equal to the amount


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Getting away from the bustle and into your hustle I’ve been so excited about getting away from work, that I forgot about how much I loved the city and exactly why I moved out here.  It’s important to be around your network in order to greatly influence those who are direct contributors to your success and on the flip, it’s important to be around others who are more grounded in their work. No vacation for

The Life of Hip Hop and Pop

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Welcome to Pixie.Media!  I’m excited to take you on a journey from the studio to the Czech Republic.  From Raleigh, North Carolina to Austria, I’ll be making music and connections while taking YOU on an epic journey of music and content!   Be sure to click the picture above for a link to my instagram, or click the link here: IG I’m looking forward to taking you on an awesome journey and leaving you speechless