Recently, I talked about my song “Ice Cream” – Purcella, Prod. By THookz. The recording of the song was really spontaneous. It started as a session with no plan as to how it will go. We ended up creating a beat that was a spin off of the ice cream truck song.

4:00 am at the Studio

It was 4am when the last hook was mixed down on top of the beat (we started creating the beat at 10:00 pm, and recording by 12:00 am). We ended up going back into the Pro Tools files and post mixed some more (it’s a good idea to listen to your songs in the morning before posting at night) Purcella and THookz new they had a hit by the way that everybody at the studio was vibing out and enjoying the music! 🎵🎵🎵

Getting Ready for the Music Video

Downtown Brno, Czech Republic
A view from outside the palace

Recording the song was only the beginning! The plan was to get some awesome shots of the ancient Europe along with meeting up with our video crew who flew in from Prague.

The props for the music video consisted of: 6 outfits, 1 smoke machine, 6 pieces of wax, ice cream, a spoon and a pot :).

After finishing writing the plot for the music video and discussing it with our director we knew we were ready to film an awesome music video. The scene would start in a dreamscape and end in a dreamscape. THookz would eat ice cream and then find himself in a dream alike to Proust eating Madeleines . Instantly the scene turns to Purcella, as she comes from out of the smoke.

Castle, Downtown & Studio

Purcella in music video for Ice Cream in Czech Republic
Purcella on her first take in Brno

Marek and THookz scouted sites in the morning of December 9th and found the spots that would be perfect for shooting the music video. After make-up was over, which I gotta give a shout out to V (Find her on IG) we made our way up the mountain on which the castle set. Our first scene went great, and all the people on the mountain were interested in what we were doing. The next scene was at the top of the mountain on a canon. We had another scene on an antique staircase from the 1300’s then another scene by this interesting face that was made of pvc pipe, Look at the face HERE.

THookz on Canon in Spilberk Castle BRNO, Czech Republic
THookz on Canon

After eating lunch, our team regrouped and shot some scenes out by some old graffiti in downtown. Afterwards, we took our entourage to this studio that looked like an old Moscow compound. The studio had three rooms and one with a black, white and green screen. We shot our first and last scene in the studio. We got some really funny outtakes with THookz and the pot stirring here.

Summation of the Music Video Shoot

What an awesome shoot this was in Europe! Couldn’t have asked for a better film crew. Be sure to be on the lookout for “Ice Cream” – Purcella, Prod. By THookz.

THookz whipping the pot and Purcella meditating
Whipping the Pot and Meditating
THookz x Purcella
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