Off to the Czech

City in the Czech Republic

Getting to the Czech

“There are no short cuts to any place worth going.”

Czech Republic is the place to be. Up in the city

About 4 weeks ago I planned a trip to go to the Czech Republic for business and to shoot this music video for mine and THook’z song, “Ice Cream.”  If you want to check more of THook’z music out, you can visit his site HERE. I didn’t know that Czechia (short form of Czech Republic) would be as beautiful and alluring as the video’s and photo’s I viewed portrayed it to be. You really have to come to Europe to understand how awesome it is!

Flying was one task, figuring out how to read the signs in Europe and navigate a train was another.  By the way, if you ever get motion sickness, be sure to pop some dramamine; that stuff had me higher than a kite throughout the whole trip.


From Raleigh to Newark to Germany to Vienna, then finally a 2 hour train ride to Czechia made for a whole day of travel. What a journey and a nice a couple that helped us roll our bags to the Hotel Barceló Brno Palace. It’s amazing to me how the people in most of Europe actually walk everywhere and a friendly couple wouldn’t mind helping us lug our luggage for a mile. Love is a language that is spoken by all cultures. Below is a picture of the hotel I am staying at.

Hotel Barceló Brno Palace

Food and Beer

Brno is a beautiful place to be during the holidays. There is a party in the streets throughout the whole night. If you like drinking beer, wine and vodka then this is the place you want to be. Not only is the alcohol of better quality but the food is not genetically manufactured and there are no additives which might seem boring to the usual American palate, but for me it means eating to my hearts delight. No GMO’s means for a healthier society and happier people.


The music scene here is one in which can definitely be molded by the right hands. Since everybody is out walking and having a good time, live music is quite popular. Can’t wait to bring MY music from the States to the Czech. It’s clear that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are two artists that you hear over here, often, but I haven’t heard much else.  There is a lot of growing for the music industry to do out here and a big impression for me and my team to make.

Getting ready to shoot our Music Video

Haven’t yet met with my crew to shoot our music video for “Ice Cream” but we are getting ready in the meantime. Expect to see some awesome shots of the city and our studio that we have rented out here.  When people do business out here in the Czech, they mean business.  Getting this video shoot organized has been a lot of work but is going to be well worth it. Stay tuned to hear more about my time in the Czech Republic!  Feel free to follow me on instagram

A beautiful view of BRNO from the Barcelo hotel

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