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Yamaha Piano

Business logic #1

“All Sides Make Up The Whole of Them”
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Steps to Achievement

Taking it one step at a time.  Taking two steps at a time. Both are walking. What matters the most is the pace. The pace at which the feet move is what is crucial.

Yomesite days with the crew

Keep moving no matter the situation. It’s time to keep going.  Time to keep achieving more greatness. The amount of love will be equal to the amount of heart that you give.  You will be at a crossroads at some point in your journey.  Be sure of your side from the beginning and everything will work out better for your case.

Yamaha Piano

What Does Musical Success Look Like to You?

Looking deeper into oneself, it’s important to remember the vision that was there from the beginning.  In a successful business, note is taken of changes that will lead to discovery of how to make things run more optimally.  Think of being a success as a hip hop artist as a mixture of both of the two.  An artist is respected for his originality. A good artist can keep original while optimizing his or hers business and being able to adjust strategies but staying current in his or hers artist persona.

Being Good in Business and Music

Being a good musician and being a good producer can be considered two totally different things, yet skills from both are necessary.  Being good at music and being good at the music business are two totally different things.  This is why so many artist get signed to labels without a second thought to their long term careers (Not speaking down on all deals).  This is why artist managers exist, good ones and amateur ones.  The same to why accountants exist.  Somebody doesn’t want to spend all of their times looking for the right fit of T shirts, so a tailor exists.  There are many tasks to be done to ensure the maximum amount of revenue is made.  A label and/or manager can help with taking the grunt work out, booking gigs and paperwork, but learning the system and what it does can save a TON of heartache.  Sites such as thookz.com offer a solution to artists trying to set up a music business. THook’z services range from monetizing musical content, artist strategy, quality production, and promo. Be sure to contact THookz HERE!


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